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Introducing A Social BBQ Podcast S01E01

We’re starting a podcast, hosted by Social Smokers Kevin Will, Nick Reddell and Blake Miller. Look for 10 – 15 episodes during the BBQ season recapping the latest BBQ competition we competed in, BBQ tips and tricks, an interview with one of our Pitmaster friends and general news from the…

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Smoke and Ribbons a DocQmentary

The Social Smokers have some exciting news! We filmed a DocQmentary and it’s been picked up on Amazon Prime Video! We filmed for over a year recording our journey from 1 American Royal another documenting a whole season and our first Grand Championship! Don’t forget to rate and review please!…

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Saturdays at the American Royal BBQ leave’s a bunch of time to cook a ton of random stuff, try these BBQ Meatball Onion Bombs. We had the smoker running at about 275 all day. Ground beef stuffed whole onions, wrapped in smoked bacon and smoked at 275 degrees until crispy…

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Sriracha Stix BBQ Sausage Balls

Looking for an easy but tasty sausage recipe? Look no further, try our Sriracha Seasoning Stix BBQ Sausage Balls. These bad boys won 5th place at the Osawatomie, KS Border BBQ Battle. Checkout the recipe below and whip some up this weekend! A mix of Breakfast and Italian Sausage, seasoned…

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