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Every American Royal we take some time to cook up a lot of random goodness to kill the dead time we have. This year was no different and we decided to take our own spin on The Bacon Explosion from our friends over at Burnt Finger BBQ (Thanks Yall) cooking the Bacon Brunch Explosion.

For our Friday morning breakfast, Chuff and I decided to provide the guys with a special treat to fill’em up in prep for the American Royal Invitational and hopefully help fight off the hangover. We started making the Bacon Brunch Explosion, or “heart attack casserole” as we described it, about 8AM for a late morning feeding. This sucker had it all, consisting of all your breakfast staples bacon, sausage, eggs hash browns and cheese rolled up in a bacon loaf.

We cooked this on the Jambo, so keep in mind the timing on your smoker could be a little bit different. Watch your temperatures. Smoked with Hickory and Oak.

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The Bacon Brunch Explosion

Prep Time 35 minutes
Cook Time 3 hours
Total Time 3 hours 35 minutes
Servings 6
Author Kevin Will


  • 2 lb Bacon
  • 1 lb Mild Sausage
  • 3 Eggs
  • 1/2 Bag Hash Browns
  • 1 Bag Shredded Sharp Cheddar Cheese
  • 1 Bottle Your Favorite BBQ Sauce
  • 1 Bottle Your Favorite BBQ Rub


  1. Preheat smoker to 275 degrees.

  2. Using 12 strips of bacon, weave each peace of bacon like your making a wicker basket. The Bacon will end up in a checkerboard like square.

  3. Place remaining bacon in a frying pan and cook until crisp.

  4. Sprinkle bacon weave with 1 tablespoon barbecue rub.

  5. Start cooking the hash browns you have, you'll want to cook them until golden brown.

  6. While the hash browns cook, evenly spread the sausage on top of the bacon weave, pressing to outer edges.

  7. Crumble the fried bacon into bite-size pieces and sprinkle ever so gently on top of sausage.

  8. Drizzle barbecue sauce on top of the meat pie you have going on here and sprinkle with another dusting of BBQ Rub.

  9. Cover the everything in cheese, we personally go a little crazy on this.

  10. Cook 3 eggs to over-medium. (so yolk is still a bit runny). You can also scramble up your eggs.

  11. Pile your hash browns on top of the sausage and then add your eggs on top of hash browns.

  12. Begin rolling sausage and bacon weave away from you. Pinch together at the seams and ends. 

  13. Sprinkle outside of Brunch Explosion with rub.

  14. Place Brunch Explosion on smoker. 

  15. Cook until internal temperature reaches 165 degrees. Glaze with sauce, then smoke for 10 more minutes to tack up the sauce.

  16. Cut, Serve, Enjoy!

    The Bacon Brunch Explosion
Kevin Will

Author Kevin Will

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